Web App


The web app is currently based on Datasette and can only be used to view tasks, but not to create new ones.

In combination with the Docker container the web frontend for the SQLite database can be served in following way:

docker run \
  --rm \
  --entrypoint datasette \
  --publish 8001:8001 \
  --volume ~/TaskLite:/root/tasklite \
  --volume "$PWD"/datasette:/root/datasette \
  adius/tasklite \
  serve \
    --host \
    --metadata /root/datasette/metadata.json \
    --reload \

Attention: Make sure that the IP address matches with your host's.

There is a predefined query for a tl head like overview:

Generate custom view by appending the SQL query to For example\*%20from%20tasks.

Some example views:

Equivalent to tl head:

select substr(ulid,22) as ulid,priority,body,due_utc,
  replace(tags,',',', ') as tags,notes,user
from tasks_view
where closed_utc is null
order by priority desc, due_utc asc, ulid desc
limit 50

Make sure to bookmark the views for easy access.

SQLite Web

Another way to host a simple web frontend is SQLite Web. While it's more bare bones than Datasette, it has the advantage that it also allows you to modify data.

docker run -it --rm \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  -v ~/TaskLite:/data \
  -e SQLITE_DATABASE=main.db \