Why another CLI task manager?


Taskwarrior has been the gold standard for CLI task managers so far. However, I repeatedly lost tasks due to weird bugs and syncing issues. I also found several UI decisions inept and wanted something with a better workflow. But probably most importantly I couldn't see myself contributing to a C++ project. I had been working with C++ at university and it wasn't pleasant.

To sum it up: I finally wanted something which I could fully own and use until the end of days. That means:

  • Does not suddenly get bought by a bigger fish and get closed down or made unusable (looking at you Wunderlist)
  • Is written in a high-performance programming language, yet gives me lot's of guarantees about the code's stability and makes it easy for other developers to contribute
  • Free software
  • With a stable, future proof, powerful, and fast backend (currently SQLite, but support for plain files and Git is planned)

Why not Org-mode style?


I don't like Org-mode's' unstructured combination of outlining, notes and tasks. Furthermore I don't like interactive document editing UIs in the terminal. I prefer REPL style apps which adhere to UNIX conventions and let me compose them easily with other CLI tools.

This, however, is just a personal preference and otherwise Org-mode is certainly a good solution. Also check out Smos, which is another powerful tree-based editor with extra focus on Getting Things Done.

What are your long term goals?


For the product roadmap check out the dedicated page for it

However, this project is not just about the product, but just as well about the underlying values. Big companies are good at offering you fancy products without clarifying any of the adjacent issues which are crucial for an outstanding user experience beyond the product itself:

  • Will this service also be available in the future?
  • What are your incentives to keep this service alive?
  • What happens if the company dies?
  • Can I export my data in a practical format?
  • Who has data sovereignty?
  • How do you share / sell my data?

Will this service also be available in the future?


The code is completely free open source software and compiling and using it is straight forward. Whatever happens to me, TaskLite will always be available in this way.

What are your incentives to keep this service alive?


I'm using it daily and it has become something like my second brain. Since I'm not interested in abandoning my brain, it will be maintained and further developed in the future.

What happens if you die?


A good friend has access to the repository and can transfer it to the community.

Can I export my data in a practical format?


Not locking you in is one of the most important aspects of TaskLite. Therefore it supports numerous export formats:

  • JSON - All tasks as one JSON array
  • JSON Lines - One JSON object per task
  • CSV
  • SQL
  • Direct access to the SQLite database

For more information check out the export documentation

Who has data sovereignty?


All your data is stored in your TaskLite database on your computer. No analytics data or data of any other kind gets transferred to a third party during the usage of TaskLite.

Do you share or sell my data?


We do not have access to any of your data!