CLI Tool


To add a task run:

tl add Improve the TaskLite manual

It is also possible to immediately add tags when creating a task:

tl add Improve the TaskLite manual +tasklite +pc

Attention: The tags must be the last parameters


For a full overview of all supported subcommands run:

tasklite help

Screenshot of CLI output of help command

Context / Views

There is no first class support for views (or "context" in GTD slang), because it can be easily implemented with aliases / custom CLI commands and the SQL query API.

For example I have following work command in my $PATH:

#! /usr/bin/env bash

tasklite query \
  "(tags is null or tags not like '%feram%') \
    and state is 'Open' \
    order by priority \
    desc limit 10"

Analyze and Filter Tasks

In order to further analyze and filter tasks TaskLite includes the ndjson command, which prints all tasks as newline delimited JSON objects.

This output can then easily be analyzed and filtered with standard UNIX tools. E.g. following example prints all tasks related to music:

tl ndjson | grep 'music' | jq


Import a GitHub issue:

curl$OWNER/$REPO/issues/$NUM | tl import


Use one of following commands:

  • tl csv
  • tl ndjson
  • tl backup - Creates a backup at $TaskLiteDir/backups/YYYY-MM-DDtHHMM.db