Differences to Taskwarrior


  • Simpler
    Taskwarrior has several redundant features and unnecessarily re-implements shell features like aliases.

  • More Robust & Stable
    Taskwarrior is plagued by numerous bugs due to its unnecessary complexity and non-optimal choice of programming languages. TaskLite's simple structure and Haskell's excellent correctness guarantees, however, yield a stable and robust piece of software.

  • Faster
    Haskell plus SQLite delivers excellent performance. Check out the section about performance for a simple benchmark.

  • More Powerful
    As all tasks are stored in an SQLite database, so you can use the most daring SQL queries to extract hidden insights. E.g. What is the average completion time for a task created on Monday tagged "sprint7" created by user "john-evil"?

    Furthermore, extensive tooling is available for SQLite to supercharge your TaskLite installation. For example Datasette as an instant REST API, or DB Browser for SQLite to view, manipulate, and plot your tasks in a GUI.

    Other 3rd party tools to edit SQLite databases are:

    • VisiData - Interactive CLI multitool for tabular data.
    • LiteCLI - CLI SQLite browser with auto-completion and syntax highlighting.