If TaskLite isn't your cup of tea, maybe one of the other free task managers fits the bill:

  • Buku - Store and manage your bookmarks from the command line.
  • CommitTasks - Combination between git commit and todo list.
  • Eureka - CLI tool to input and store ideas without leaving the terminal.
  • Ff - A distributed note taker and task manager.
  • git-pending - Git plugin to list TODO, FIXME, TESTME, DOCME comments in a repository.
  • Org mode - Notes and todo lists powered by an Emacs based plain-text system.
  • Smos - Purely functional semantic tree-based editor (similar to Org mode).
  • Taskbook - Tasks, boards & notes for the command-line habitat.
  • Taskell - Command line Kanban board / task management.
  • Taskwarrior - Command line task management.
  • Toodles - Project management from the TODO's in your codebase.
  • Tracli - Command line app that tracks your time.
  • Ultralist - Open source task management system for the command line.
  • Yokadi - Command line oriented, SQLite powered todo list.