CLI Tool

With Docker

The easiest way to get started is using the prebuilt Docker image:

docker run --rm adius/tasklite sh
tasklite help

When exiting the container all data will be discarded.

For repeated local usage run following command, but make sure to replace $TASKLITE_PATH with the path to your TaskLite installation as defined in your config.yaml file. Per default it's created in the XDG base directory: $HOME/.local/share/tasklite.

docker run \
  --rm \
  --volume "$TASKLITE_PATH":/root/.local/share/tasklite \

To make it easier to use, create an alias like:

alias tl="docker run …"

Providing your own config.yaml file to the docker container is not yet supported.

From Source

To build TaskLite from source, you need to install Stack first.

git clone
cd TaskLite
stack install tasklite-core

To test the installation run:

tasklite help


It's a good idea to customize your config file at ~/.config/tasklite/config.yaml afterwards.

Check out the example config file for infos about available settings.