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TaskLite is a CLI task manager built with Haskell and SQLite.

$ tl add Buy milk +groceries
🆕 Added task "Buy milk" with id "01dd62xryn5fnzjgynkcy06spb"

$ tl add Go running
🆕 Added task "Go running" with id "01dd62yjtrtmaph23knff6mbsj"

$ tl
Id  Prio  Opened UTC  Body
pb   2    2019-06-12  Buy milk  +groceries
sj   0    2019-06-12  Go running

$ tl do pb
✅ Finished task "Buy milk" with id "01dd62xryn5fnzjgynkcy06spb"

The Code is available on GitHub.

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Why Another CLI Task Manager?

Taskwarrior has been the gold standard for CLI task managers so far. However, I repeatedly lost tasks due to weird bugs and syncing issues. I also found several UI decisions inept and wanted something with a better workflow. But probably most importantly I couldn't see myself contributing to a C++ project. I had been working with C++ at university and it wasn't pleasant.

To sum it up: I finally wanted something which I could fully own and use until the end of days. That means:

  • Does not suddenly get bought by a bigger fish and get closed down or made unusable (looking at you Wunderlist)
  • Is written in a high-performance programming language, yet gives me lot's of guarantees about the code's stability and makes it easy for other developers to contribute
  • Free software
  • With a stable, future proof, powerful, and fast backend (currently SQLite, but support for plain files and Git is planned)

Why Not Org-mode?

I don't like the unstructured combination of outlining, notes and tasks. Furthermore I don't like interactive document editing UIs in the terminal. I prefer REPL style apps which adhere to UNIX conventions and let me compose them easily with other CLI tools.

This, however, is just a personal preference and otherwise Org-mode is certainly a good solution. Also check out Smos, which is another powerful tree-based editor with extra focus on Getting Things Done.